Inside the white chamber for pipes cleaning are completed all the qualitative analysis on the samples of the washed pipes. The container was built to complete different cleaning methods on oxygen and breathable gas systems as requested from the Offshore Standard DNV-OS-E402 SEC. 2 J302 and ASME G93-03.
The analysis consist of a measurement taken on the NVR “not volatile residue” and the VOC “volatile organic carbon” levels inside the liquid sample, earlier extracted from the gas lines flux.
By the integration of  pumps and recycling tanks it is possible to wash the pipes up to 2”-1/2 diameter through chemical solutions that attack the polluting agent. To keep the pipe washed will permit the destruction of hydrocarbons until it will return to the parameters requested by the above mentioned standards.
Depending on the  tubes final used, breathable gas or pure oxygen transportation, the samples are analyzed with two different process analysis.
Thanks to all this we were able to get a real analysis lab directly on board, during the installation and commissioning phases of a diving system.

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