Last month Drass was invited by TechnipFMC to participate in the Naming Ceremony of the Deep Discoverer in Aalesund, Norway. She is the latest addition to the TechnipFMC Fleet and is a DSV (Diving Support Vessel) equipped with a DRASS twin-bell 18-man saturation diving system.
Drass 100 Series Saturation Diving System is recognized as being among the most desired systems available on the market. In fact, it is the only recognized, standard and complete package of industrialized equipment of serial production in the industry. As such, Drass is counted on to supply DSVs for vessels of the offshore industry’s titans such as TechnipFMC, Subsea 7, Kreuz, and Boskalis.

The Technip Deep Discovery Vessel is equipped with an 18-man, Twin Bell dive system. It consists of 4 Single Lock Diving Decompression Chambers (3-6-man occupancy), 2 horizontal TUPs, and 4 Vertical Entry Locks, with port and starboard 18-man Hyperbaric Lifeboats. The bells are moon pool launched with cursor guidance.
The system is rated to 300msw and is supplied with 37100 Nm3 gas storage, providing long-lasting continuous activity at the deepest rated depth for both the reclaim system and the recovery system in operation.
A surface Twin Lock decompression chamber and relevant launching system is fitted for operations of up to 60 msw.

Drass was highly involved in the Deep Discoverer’s diving system integration, providing full turnkey engineering solutions to the ship designers, and a complete support to the ship builders during the commissioning and testing. Drass is honored to have been a part of this Naming Ceremony, a truly historic occasion shared with a great team of colleagues at TechnipFMC. Thank you for your partnership and hospitality.
Drass would also like to extend a special thanks to everyone involved in the commissioning of the system from its inception through to completion. Great job guys!

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