The monitoring for saturation diving system is a specific solution to visualize and record all the specific information connected to the operation and management of the diving system.
The system architecture is based on a network of sensors connected to specific points defined in the gas, water, hydraulic and electrical schematics. Two data loggers acquire the signals from the network. The data logger stores the information (not limited to temperature, humidity, oxygen, CO2, depth, flows) and forwards them to the monitoring workstation. On the computer specifically designed software manages the environmental parameters and the other information, makes specific graphics, charts and tables available.
The displayed information is used on board by the diving technicians to monitor alarms and all the system information on a user friendly digital screen. The software has also a black box to record and extract all the sensible information relevant to the operation of the diving system, to trace the parameters of a system in case of faults or to support operational reports of a mission. The monitoring system can also be connected to a transmission channel of the vessel and offer real time or delayed data to a similar station located on shore. This  will provide the vessel managers in the headquarters with a real time picture of the diving operations on board.

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