The new DRASS “LARS A-FRAME 2000 kg SWL” is a compact transportable system for launch and recovery of the diving basket on commercial diving applications. The entire system is designed and manufactured to meet the highest requirements in a modular way.
The required deck space, inclusive of clearance and dedicated HPU, is equivalent to a 10’ ISO container (2438 mm x 2991 mm), and the system start-up requires a mechanical connection to the deck and electric power source.
The new A-Frame rated 2000 kg allows the use of the LARS system with a wet bell as optional, and in accordance with the DNVGL and IMCA structural requirements.
The design allows a complete modularity thereby enabling complete customization with several possible add-on options including:

• Working area light

• Working area CCTV

• Ship side protection gates

• Divers’ umbilical guide to be installed on dive basket

• Max depth sensor

• Max up sensor

• Meter counter and HMI for monitor basket and clump weight depth and velocity

Two LARS in close configuration can be easily transported in the foot space of a 20’ CSC ISO container, thereby providing a cost-effective shipping and mobilization solution.
When not in operation, the system can be completely disconnected for inspection and maintenance activities.
The HPU is installed and integrated in the rear winches frame with a very compact and rational use of the space. The winches and cylinder pilot distributor is fit in an ergonomic position allowing full visual control of launching and recovery operations.
The main winch and guide wire winch have a compact design, can be fitted with a meter counter, and are fully compliant with DNVGL lifting personnel requirements. They are equipped with two mechanically and functionally independent brake systems as well as the hydraulic control valve. The all-stainless steel (AISI 316L) dive basket (1400 mm x 1400mm) is fitted with two doors – one on each side, a foldable seat and hand rails ensuring the best work comfort and safety for two divers. The basket can be equipped with divers’ umbilical guides.
Designed and manufactured in accordance with DNVGL diving requirements (classified) and IMCA compliant. Rules reference: DNVGL-OS-E402 ed.2017, IMCA D 023 rev.2

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