After the recent completion of commissioning activities of Drass Komms (inner area communication system) on board the DSV Kreuz Challenger, Drass Research & Development team are proud to unveil its latest version: Komms 2.0!
While the first version of Komms was very well received by Kreuz techs, there is always room for improvement and the two main highlights of Komms 2.0 are described below:

– Sophisticated echo and noise cancellation feature able to remove the acoustic echo present in confined spaces such as hyperbaric DDCs (Diving Decompression Chambers) and within small compartments such as Entry Locks. The echo cancellation is activated within the Komms 2.0 box, before reaching the automatic unscrambler, assuring a perfect voice quality and intelligibility even when using open comms (ambient speaker and microphone). This is possible thanks to Drass’s state of the art technology: Performing unscrambling and echo cancellation within the hyperbaric box, while on competitor systems (that perform unscrambling at the supervisor panel) this is simply not possible.

– Sharper and more powerful ambient speaker and microphone for flawless communication even when using open comms, with ambient speaker and microphone, meters away from the Komms Box.

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