The 900 Series Modular Hyperbaric Rescue Facility is specially designed for easy transportation and immidiate operation on site. The HRF is available as a single module (MS.HRF.010) and as multi module (MS.HRF.020).
Both versions are based on a 40 feet and 20 feet modules, suitable for road, marine and air transportation. The limited number of quick connections minimizes the installation time.
The 900 Series Hyperbaric Rescue Facility is designed to support the widest number of Hyperbaric Evacuation Systems (HES), with both side and bottom mating.
The modules can be connected to Hyperbaric Rescue Chambers (HRCs), to Hyperbaric Lifeboats (HLBs), Diving Bells, but also to the various Submarine Rescue Vehicles in service with the NATO and other foreign navies.

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