Drass continued R&D activities finalised a Hyperbaric Ultraviolet Flame Sensor suitable for DDC installation up to 300 MSW and more; the sensor is capable to detect the flame of a common cigarette lighter inside a big DDC or TUP – to do this, the sensitivity has been increased dramatically.
This has been possible thanks to the special UV sensor employed, which detects the UV radiations only in a very narrow band, where only a flame can emit significantly, and sun and artificial lights won’t create problems. Together with extreme sensitivity, the sensor feature extreme low detection time of few cents of seconds.
The sensor comes in a aluminum housing with a splash proof 10 ways connector on the back of the unit. Internal electronics is completely encapsulated in resin for safety reasons. On the front, aside the sensing device, two led lights are present to inform about the status of the sensor: green light means sensor duly operative and no alarm, red lights means in alarm (fire detected).
A standard installation includes two Flame Sensors for each DDC or TUP, each one installed on the upper part of the lock end and pointing in the opposite direction, to be able to cover even hidden recesses.
The Sensor bears DNV Type Approval Certificate.

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