Mechanical Technical Authority

Hi, I’m Stefano, I work with Drass since 1999. In my previous job I was involved in the design and development of submarines and others submerged vehicles, system and equipment, all of my projects were tested in the sea with great reasults and it was a fantastic experience that I was able to bring into Drass.  Since when I first started until 2012 I was the Design Manager coordinating  the Drass Engineering Team in the development of various Diving Systems, starting from the General Arrangement  in cooperation with many Ship Designers all over the world, in close contact with the Class, the clients and the shipyards technicians and engineers.
Now I’m Drass’ Mechanical Technical Authority. I’m in charge of the mechanical technical specifications and drawings developed by the Engineering  Business Units. I’m involved in the review and issue of General Arrangements of the Diving System to support the Sales Department during the tender phase.
When I’m off from work I enjoy  walking and trekking ,  the hills around Livorno are my itinerary , is a beautiful scenario, woods and  green fields close to  the sea. I spend also a lot of time with my  motorcycle,  my special friend, who takes me and my wife on the weekends hundreds  of Km all over Tuscany.