Logistic Analysis & Documentation

Hi everybody! My name is Sergio Trimarco and I’m a mechanical engineer. I have been working in Drass since 2009. For several years I was employed in the engineering department, but now I’m working in the Logistic Analysis and Documentation team.  I accurately draw up technical manuals for all diving system equipment, paying attention to clearly supply all useful information for the user. Furthermore I develop the spare part logistic analysis in order to identify the critical components in an entire Drass Diving System. Of course this is a very different job with respect to my previous one, nevertheless thanks to my design experience I can focus on the main aspects of my work, improving Drass standard documentation.
Often I think about the company’s transformation, in fact when I joined in Drass seven years ago, the number of employees was much lower and our “work life” took place in a single building. Since then the number of colleagues has increased, the number of Drass buildings has increased and our company is continuing to grow.…
During my free time I am a volunteer at the Red Cross, I support the association in case of emergency situation or disaster. In my experience this is a good way to help others and to learn how to manage critical circumstances. Here, I also teach Italian to immigrants.
Anyway my main passion is sport. Almost every day I go to lift weights at the gym or run along my town river. Well, up to ten years ago I could train every day, but today sometimes I need to rest in order to regain strength. Maybe I look young, but in this month I’ll be 40 years-old (…happy birthday to meeee!).