Panels, Equipment and Consoles

My name is Matteo, I joined Drass 7 years ago, I’m part of Drass Engineering Department and I deal with the design of the Gas Control Panels and Control Stands.
During these years in Drass I have had the possibility to have huge professional growth and  can proudly include experiences as panels designer, QA on site of Vard Project, testing and maintenance activities on various Diving Support Vessels including some for the Italian and other international navies.
In my free time I love to travel and spend time outdoors and in touch with nature. I really like fishing, especially spearfishing, but my real passion is searching for mushrooms all around Tuscany!
I’m also interested in good eating and for this reason I always try to find good restaurants in Tuscany, but the best place to eat a fantastic mushroom dish still remains my house!! 😉