E/E/PE Design

Hi everyone!
My name is Giuseppe and I have been working in Drass since March 2017. I completed my electronic engineering degree thesis whilst in this company and my thesis focused on the development of the new iAN Gas Analyzer.
I am now an E/E/PE designer in the R&D team. The R&D team seeks to develop innovative equipment for improving the safety and reliability of diving systems whilst continually researching ways to enhance the level of technology of Drass systems. I really like this job very much, and most of all I love the atmosphere in my office.
When I’m off from work I enjoy spending a lot of time with my close circle of friends, with whom I share all my joys – it is a grace of God to know them. I also like playing guitar, listening to music and reading.
I am passionate about all I do and try to remember this phrase: “Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established”.