Product Certification

Hello everyone, my name is Enrica; I have been working at Drass since January 2014 and after just six months, I became the Quality Manager of my first project.
The atmosphere in the Quality Department is very nice, since we are all young and friendly people.
My job is very dynamic and it gives me the chance to speak English and to have contacts with many foreigners. Sometimes it is very hard though, especially during the official tests when days are incredibly chaotic!
Few months ago, I had the chance to make a business trip to South Korea and despite the traditional (maybe for us, Europeans, a little bit strange) food and smells, it was an excellent work experience. It gave me the possibility to improve my knowledge of diving systems and live every day the atmosphere of a real naval shipyard.
When I am not at work, I like to do sport. I used to be an athlete practicing 400m with hurdles. I love reading and hanging out with my friends and people that I care about.
My greatest passion is travelling and during the last years, I have been travelling a lot all over the world, Australia included. I consider this country the most amazing place I have ever been to.