System Design & PE Responsible Team Leader

Hi! I’m Dario and I’m part of the Engineering team. In Drass I’m responsible for electrical design in the Integration office.
During a sea trial in South Korea there was an incident that me and my three colleagues are not likely to forget! The ship was due to be in the sea for a further few  days and at the end of our work on board, a little boat arrived to take us back to shore – a journey which normally takes about 15 minutes. However, due to the thick fog, the captain (if he can be defined like that!)  got lost at sea!  Initially we felt discouraged and then things got worse as we found ourselves travelling between the oil tankers, each one of us shouting for an explanation! After a couple of hours and after having asked dozens of ships for help, we managed to get into the port, but as soon as we entered, we were stopped by the Police who wanted to arrest us, believing we were illegal immigrants! Eventually we managed to get back to our hotel in one piece!