Sales & Service

Hi, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Barbara and I’ve been working here at Drass since 2009. You might have recognized me as I’m the captain of the volleyball team sponsored by Drass. I’m a Biomedical and Clinical Engineer and I’m actually the youngest engineer in the company. At present I work in the Sales team but over the last few years here I have specialized in the technical and commercial management of  medical equipment, working in close contact with hospitals, clinics and certification bodies such as DNV. Why therefore have I not thrown myself into the medical sector here at Drass , I hear you asking…well, in 2011 Drass produced an extremely modern and avantgardge  medical system at the Niguardia Hospital in Milan. Ergonomically designed seats, advanced sensorial technology, true-to-life colours…and all controlled by a touchscreen. Just like a smartphone! You can the effect of a woman’s touch, don’t you think?! Come to think of it, I might decorate my flat like this…:D