System Design & PE Responsible

Hi everybody,
my name is Andrea and I have been working in Drass since February 2014 after a diving system training course organized by Drass. I’m a part of the System Design department where I deal with Power Distribution System design: I prepare general electric schematics, design electric panels and prepare and issue documents covering general interconnections.
I’m also involved in the design of the Inner and Outer area CCTV System.
The Inner area is used to monitor the divers inside a chamber complex and bells or during operations in water.
Otherwise, the Outer area is used to monitor the vessel decks where the diving system equipment is installed.
Working in the System Design department gives me a vision of a whole diving system.
The most beautiful aspect of my job is the opportunity to visit other countries and experience new cultures totally different from ours.
In my free time I like to run or walk along the seafront or in the downtown of my wonderful city: Livorno