Handling System

I’m Alessandra and I’ve been working in Drass since last year on April 1st (no joke!)
Even though I’m a Structural Engineer, and I should take care of mainland manufacture, with my arrival in Drass I adopted my technical knowledge to the underwater world…and the differences are not few.
In particular I’m a designer of the Handling Team and, since I’m the only woman in the team, my colleagues like to call me the “Handling Queen” in ABBA song style?
My free time is mainly dedicated to sports; I like running but I also enjoy indoor activities such as Pilates and Calisthenics. I’m also fond of cooking, my specialty being the preparation of desserts.
In my life I simply cannot leave out travelling, but I almost never have relaxing, lazy holidays. When I get back I’m more tired than before I left, but I’m always ready to start planning the next adventure.