Drass is not only about diving! A team from Drass visited Niguarda Hospital in Milano to inspect our two hyperbaric medical chambers that were installed and CE/MDD certified by Drass back in 2012.
These multiplace chambers are cylindrical with rectangular doors and they represent an advanced solution in terms of safety, technology and simplicity. The therapy, based on releasing oxygen through a mask in a pressurized environment, is monitored by a control system based on fail safe architecture.
Each chamber has two compartments, the main lock dedicated to the patients’ therapy and the second one to allow the staff to quickly enter in case of emergency with or without additional patients. In addition to this, technicians steadily observe the patients and communicate with them through a communications system. Both of these twin chambers are externally controlled by a customized software created by Drass. Specialized and trained hyperbaric technicians have access to the software and to the manual control also.
Each vessel has up to 12 removable ergonomic seats for patients.
Fire safety is covered by two of the most recent and innovative technologies: the Drass HUF (Hyperbaric Ultraviolet Flame) Sensor which triggers an alarm and the Fire Extinguishing System compliant to the specific European Rule EN 16081.
The Drass HUF Sensor is the only flame sensor on the market to receive DNV Type Approval for use in a hyperbaric environment. Pressure tested up to 50 bar, this fine precision sensor prevents false alerts and detects UV radiation within a few milliseconds before it is even visible to the naked eye. This product has been very well received by the hospital’s professionals as it provides ultimate reassurance for those working in safety-critical hyperbaric environments.

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