Drass continued R&D is proud to announce the new iAN gas analyser series.
The iAN series is a unique device automatically configured to detect one of 4 gases – Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide or Helium – depending on the installed external gas sensor.
The iAN is equipped with a 4.3” colour touchscreen display and advanced management, reporting and communication features.
The iAN series embeds several unique features to improve safety, reliability and ease of use:
•    Embedded mass flow meter: Detection of the actual gas flow rate and alerting in the event of a ‘no flow’ – a feature that greatly improves the safety of the analysis system and, until now, present only in high-end analysers. This provides significant cost and space saving on panels and removes the necessity of a separate flow meter;
•    Comprehensive sensor package: Remote analysis modules include barometric pressure, temperature and gas flow sensors;
•    Touchscreen display automatically reconfigures according to the gas sensor: O2, CO2, Co or He;
•    Remote pressure sensor reading: can operate in volumetric concentrations (% for O2 and ppm for CO and CO2) or convert such values in partial pressure (mbar for O2 and CO2 and µbar for CO) enabling supervisors to monitor the hyperbaric environment and to manage alarms and warnings;
•    Self-calibration and remotely operable: can be controlled by a supervisor, such as a PLC or a PC, through a common Ethernet link;
•    Fully customizable (alarms and warning sound alerts); Software upgrades via USB port; Password protection.

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