The Diver Helmet Camera with PAL or NTSC Video Composite has been specifically Designed,
Manufactured and Tested for Diving Helmets applications. It is compatible with the major
Commercial Diving Helmets available on the market. The reduced dimensions of the Diver Helmet Camera (compared with DDC/Bell Camera) allow to minimize issues related to camera weight.
T he standard Camera body is made of Stainless Steel (AISI 316 L) but – upon request – could be manufactured in Titanium (Optional).
T he maximum working depth of the camera assured is 450 msw. Optionally, upon Client request – the camera could be manufactured to operate at greater depths. In order to assure an optimal electrical insulation the camera has been equipped with an isolated single output DC/DC
The DDC Camera on its standard configuration is equipped with Stainless Steel Bulkhead Connector Male Plug-4 Pins. The following alternative connectors could be provided upon request (optional):
L036 (standard) 3.6mm- 75°
MC-BH-4M-SS Stainless steel
MC-BH-4M Brass
MC-BH-4M-TT Titanium
Video output
Power GND
Power + 24 Vdc
Video GND

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