The Modular Diving Saturation System Series 900 is the only Modular Saturation Diving System being designed and built in accordance with DNV Rules.
Each module is an independent unit with a stand alone Certification Package. The Diving System can be expanded to host from 9 to 15 divers, up to potential 24 divers and two diving bells. The bell deployment can be from vessel side or moon pool. All the components are interchangeable from system to system. The system is installed in three layers to minimize the deck space occupancy.
All the modules are enclosed in 20″ and 40″ marine certified containers or equivalent. The system is IMCA Compliant and built in accordance with DNV Rules.

JOB902 - TECHNIP (2010)

Drass has just completed the supply of an Hyperbaric Rescue Facility for Technip for a Nordstream Project. This system consists of two DDC skids to host up to 18 divers, and two containerized modules to monitor the saturation, decompression and the internal environment of the chambers.

Drass has been chosen by Nordstream to grant extremely compressed delivery terms and a fully classed product directly deriving from the 900 Series Modular Saturation System.

JOB901 - IMPRESUB (2008)

A module is a self contained structure which is fully Certified as a stand-alone item.  The module can be maintained in Class independently from the rest of the system.

The Modular System is defined as a set of individual Modules.  The approved Installation Procedure defines the connections among the Modules. The Module itself is a serial and standard production.

The Modular System is expandable and the Modules are interchangeable among each other, when having the same scope.

The solution gives to the Diving System and to the Modules a higher commercial value in the market as well.

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